Documented Grace.

I’m so glad you found my little corner. Welcome to Transformation Through Grace- a place where I’m going to share my journey with you. I’m digging into the nitty gritty details of the struggles, the sin, and all the not so glamorous parts of my life. This is a place of utter vulnerability. I know for a fact plenty of tears will go into these posts. You see, I have found that the deepest healing happens when I dare to remove the masks I hide behind, and lay my junk on the table.

This blog was launched February 2017 when I came to the conclusion that I was an alcoholic and addict, and I was ready to seek help outside of myself. I quit my job in Nashville and told my supervisors that I needed to find help. Within 24 hours, I had found a Christian rehab center, been approved for an Intensive Outpatient Program, and booked my flight to West Palm Beach, Florida. Everything didn’t go according to plan though, and it took me almost another year before I came to my breaking point and realized sobriety was my only option. My brokenness was growing too uncomfortable. So I headed to my second treatment facility.

I’m on the life long journey of learning to walk in honesty, surrender, and gratitude. My struggle doesn’t define me. And yours doesn’t either. Join me on this journey of healing as I continually discover how to walk away from everything pulling me away from who I was created to be, and as I discover more truth about my great Savior, and work overwhelmingly hard to kick these sins AND all the other lies Satan tells me– right in the butt. The fight to choose Jesus is no walk in the park. And at times, it will be brutal, but the Lord hasn’t left my side for a single moment. I’m already a victor in Him.

Transformation. That’s what happened to me. I’m no longer a slave to the alcohol, the anorexia, and all the other enticing sins that hunger for my attention. Because of Christ, I’m here to speak of my transformation and sanctification. (And the on going process it will always be!)

This is a safe space where I promise to be real and vulnerable. I want this to be a raw outlet where others don’t have to walk in shame because they struggle with mental health, addiction, or the feeling of being “less than.”

With transparency, these posts will reflect the lessons I’m learning, the growth taking place, and the intimacy I’m dancing in when I fix my eyes on Jesus Christ. Living with a purpose on purpose changed the game for me. And that purpose? It’s to choose life and God-provoked love each moment. Only when I lift my arms up in abandonment to Him, will the haze begin to clear and the journey of becoming a woman of divine passion come to light.

So with hands wide open, and my heart so determined, I’m fighting. I share with you my grime, my slime, and all the feelings behind, “I’m fine.”