It’s bumpy.

They just announced over the speaker that the plane is descending. I can feel it. This isn’t the smoothest flight I’ve been on- in fact, the flight attendants asked us to stay buckled the entire time. It’s bumpy, and I can only sense that this foreshadows what my journey through rehab is going to be. I’m going to have to stay buckled in determination to fight this- because there are going to be moments when I just want to give up, walk out, and surrender to the liquid that led me to Florida in the first place. Therapy sessions are going to be bumpy. Detox is going to be bumpy. Honestly, the bumps aren’t going to end when I complete my five weeks at rehab. I know there will be challenges and I will have to persistently pursue freedom. Praise Jesus I’m not the pilot of my own life. All I had to do was book my flight and step foot on the plane. He’s got me. On the smooth days, and the bumpy ones.

The wheels are about to make contact with the ground. This has suddenly become so real.


  1. Amy,
    You can do this!!! You are so brave taking these steps and being so open with your journey. My prayer is that you feel the presence of God with you every step. If there are times you do not “feel” Him just know and never waiver from the fact He is GOOD and will NEVER leave you or forsake you!!!


  2. Hi Amy. It will be bumpy by you will come through it and be stronger and freer. When possible, Deb and I would like to write you. You can text me at 760-518-6732. Pastor Dwayne


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