His love is personal.

Abba Father,
Break down any barriers I’ve built up in my mind about what you will and will not do. My mind tries to set limits on your power, so remind me how small I am and how big you are. Bring me into a place of complete submission and trust, knowing that you move with purpose throughout this earth. There is nothing aimless about you.
You set eternity in my heart, and I plead with you that I may never try to customize what my eternity will look like. You are the architect. You are the sculptor, You are the teacher and leader, the beginning and the end. To even sit at your feet is far greater than anything I could ever earn, but you beckon me closer, and you call me your own.
As I try to glue back together the pieces of my fragmented life, you draw me into your arms and dispute every word, moment, and lie that cut has like a knife. As I watch your mighty hands pick up those broken pieces, you weep over them and you solemnly mourn my pain. I didn’t realize your love for me was so personal. But how much more personal can it get when you are stripped naked and spit on, ridiculed and shamed? How much more personal can it get when you were nailed to the cross, but then thought of my name?
So I look on in awestruck wonder, as you exhale on each and every wound. The atmosphere starts changing, your mercy overflowing like a flood. The fragments come together, and are sealed by your poured out blood. And in that moment, I start to come undone. No words can describe what your presence is like, so I cling tightly to your sturdy vine. I was nothing and you made me something-a testament of your grace. And now you send me out, to share with others the refuge found in seeking your face. Because the moment I stopped fighting, and fell limp into your embrace, was the moment fear no longer had a say over me-truth demanded it vanish, without so much as even a trace. 

{His love is indeed personal. It rushes in like a fire, and calls us each by name. He dances over us with singing, and takes delight in who we are. We have access to so much more of God than just experiencing his presence while the worship band plays on a Sunday morning, and us saying our bedtime prayers. He’s waiting to flood our lives with himself-but when we invite him in, we have to be ready for absolutely everything to change. We can’t stay the same in his presence. It just isn’t possible.}

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