Dear restless one:

It’s a letter to myself, really.

oh restless one, 

I can see you crawling out of your own skin. Your eyes are darting back and forth. You can’t sit still. You’re antsy beyond belief. All your prayers were being answered, blessings left and right, and then it hit you out of nowhere. I know you’re trying to make more responsible choices these days. You can’t just quit everything like you used to so easily do. So before I say more- know that I’m proud of you for staying put tonight. That inclination to act rashly is trying to bubble up to the surface, but you aren’t engaging with it. At least not in this precise moment. And I know that’s no small task. 

You want to change everything in your life. You want to move away. You want to quit that job. You want to take a break from school. You want to jump ship and just take a damn trip. Maybe you want to move back to that one city that will forever have your heart. Maybe you have good reasons to want to leave so much behind. Maybe you feel like it’s time to run on ahead. Maybe you feel like your time has expired where you’re at right now. 

Oh restless one, breathe. Go on- take a few deep breaths. There is both a command and a promise from the Lord that you need to hear right now. First, you are commanded to be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently for Him to act. Second, the Father promises you peace because He is always with you. 

I know that changing everything feels like the most sensible plan right now. But I also know that you know deep down, that right now in this moment in time, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. 

Darling, time passes so quickly. Where you are right now could look different even a month from now. A year from now-who knows where you’ll be. As you fight discontentment, remember that what you have right now, is what you were once praying for. 

Jim Elliot states, “Let not our longing slay our appetite for living.” So restless one, tonight just live. Don’t become so caught up in what you long for that you forget to enjoy the blessings around you. To learn to embrace where you are at is a worthy accomplishment. Never stop dreaming, but also never let your dreams steal the peace you have today. 

Oh restless one, go find rest in Christ. He sees you. He hears your racing thoughts and sees your impulsive nature. And He just wants to hold you. Can you change anything right now? If you can’t, stop letting tomorrow’s battles disturb you tonight. 

Oh restless one, you are seen. You are heard. And you are understood. And more than anything, I hope you know that it’s okay to feel this way. You aren’t alone tonight. Maybe you have everything going for you and you feel like no one will understand why you want to leave so much of it and start over. But you have your reasons. Good reasons. But please know this: even the best reasons acted out rashly will have repercussions. Find the good in where you’re at. Start listing everything you’re grateful for. Fall into the arms of Jesus tonight and tell Him all about it. The gratitude and the discontentment. He wants to hear all of it. Let your restlessness be a gift. A gift that pushes you into the arms of the One who loves you. A gift that teaches you that sometimes the most valuable lessons come from endurance.

Love always, 

another restless one


Psalm 62:5- Find rest oh my soul, in God alone. My hope comes from Him.

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