Cherishing, not just living.

I catch myself thinking, “Ah, if only things were always this way.” Like today. Now that I work for the State, I get paid holidays off, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my Monday. But at one point I started thinking about how next Monday I will be at work-not enjoying a Monday off. Saturday was another of the sort. Sunday too. They were filled was so much joy, peace, and laughter. But then I started dwelling on how “every weekend won’t be like this” and I let that put a damper on my present moment.

I think it can be so easy for people to forget about all the goodness they hold right in their hand-and rather mourn a future they aren’t even certain of. Same coin, different side, we wish for something we feel we lack and we don’t take the time to cherish what we do have. I’d venture to say that the root of all this is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being uncomfortable. Fear of change. Fear of being inadequate. Fear can be toxic. It can be a joy-stealer, a crippling paralysis, or an infection that seeps into us and spreads.

I  don’t have time for that kind of fear.

Right now, this moment in time- my life is wonderful. And I don’t want to ruin this precious gift of time I’ve been given by getting worked up over how my Monday will look different next week. 

I don’t like the phrase “live in the moment” because negative connotations can be attached to that. Responsibilities could be over-looked. Poor choices might be made. Living in the moment doesn’t attract me- but cherishing my moments– that does. Life is always moving, new memories and stories always being created. I don’t want to miss out on cherishing where I’m at, by dreading the day I won’t have it anymore. Because when “the day” comes-I’ll have new moments to relish in, to grow from, to soak up, and to rejoice in.

Today will be gone just as quickly as it has arrived. If these so-called “wonderful moments” are all being spent looking to the future mourning their absence- then how am I even cherishing what I am so scared of losing? 

Today I appreciate Monday’s fullness. And tomorrow I’ll find the little joys and victories Tuesday has in store. Joy can be found everywhere we go-and while life keeps shifting and nothing ever stays exactly the same-each moment can be lived out with intention. We find joy when we look for it. And for me- it’s the journey, not the end result when joy surfaces the most.

Whether you’re wishing for something you don’t quite have yet, or you’re dreading the day you won’t have it anymore-cherish where you are at. Right. now.

Tonight I threw on a face mask and had a girls night with my roommate, and it reminded me that time is precious. No, I won’t always live with Katie. Eventually, life will take us in different directions. But we had tonight. And we made the most of it.

So here’s an intentionality challenge I’m giving myself:

To make each moment significant by not being someone who just passes by, but by choosing to be an active participant in the everyday pieces of life. 




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