Beloved Baby, We Wait

We’ve longed for you, baby.

We’ve cried many tears. 

We’ve prayed and we’ve begged, asking God, “Will this be the year!?” 

We’ve sat in deafening silence while the storm around us rages on every side 

Mommy gets exhausted sometimes and she just wants to hide. 

Daddy tries to stay strong for Mommy, but sadness covers his face, together we wish for you, trusting in God’s grace. 

It is painful not knowing when we’ll finally get to meet, or when we’ll get to hold you, and kiss your tiny feet. 

There has always been a hole in our hearts that we could never fill, nearly every breath we take feels like we are running straight uphill.

This hole pierces us like a double-edged sword, but we protect this space in our hearts because it’ll always only be yours to fill. 

Baby, we love you- and we’ll wait as long as it takes. 

No matter how many times the sun rises and sets, make no mistake…

In this great big world, we find ourselves earnestly longing for you

So, we hold fast to God the Father, waiting on His time, 

Trusting that this love we have for you, baby, is crafted by our Savior’s design.  

We know we haven’t met you yet, but we think about you every day. 

There’s nothing anyone can say to make this longing go away.

To see your smile, to gaze into your eyes

To tickle your tummy and squeeze your little thighs

We believe that you’ll come into our lives when the timing is just right,

We just wish that the timing would be this very night. 

Baby, we eagerly anticipate the day you’ll enter this world

We’ll scoop you up and hug you, in blissful circles we’ll twirl. 

You’ll be our gift from Heaven, a miracle from above

You’ll never once have to question if you are beloved. 

So Abba Father we ask you, once again today

Please bring us our sweet baby, this is what we pray. 

One comment

  1. Oh Amy. You and Jerry and this desire of your hearts remain in my prayers. Hold fast and trust God’s timing. I do know this pain. We were married seven years before our first child was born and many of those years were a test of my patience and faith. I love you dearly. God continues to hold you in his mighty hands. I know this for certain!


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